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  • C++ 多线程改造参考 / Reconstructing C++ functions to multi-threaded

    本文为 2023-07-25 所做讲座的文稿,针对将 C++ 代码进行多线程改造的需求给出基础概念、相关技术和注意事项等,供参考。(注:文稿内容仅含概要,不做详细解释;文稿内容经过脱敏处理。) This post is the presented script of the lecture given on 2023-07-25, aiming at guiding the reconstruction of C++ functions to multi-threaded ones, containing the basic concepts, related techniques, and practical notes. (Note: The script only contains essentials, most of which are not explained in detail; the script has been…

  • C++ 迭代器运算附注 / A note on C++ iterator calculation

    针对 C++ 迭代器的运算需注意迭代器特征(iterator_trait),不同特征的迭代器所适用的运算或所做运算的预期不尽相同。 It is critical to notice iterator_trait before adopting iterator calculation in C++, since iterators with different traits have different range of operations and expected effects.