Category: 语言 / Language

  • Hard side and easy side of the Chinese language / 汉语的难与易

    For many people, especially non-East Asian, the Chinese language is quite difficult, due to the excessive differences between it and their native ones. In practice, nearly every language has its hard side, on which we should lay stress; and its easy side, of which we could take advantage. 对于不少人(特别是东亚地区以外的人)来说,汉语是门相当难学的语言,因为它跟自己的母语差异甚多。实际上,几乎每种语言都有其困难的一面和简单的一面,我们需要着重加强对困难部分的把握,而简单的部分则会带来便利。

  • Proper comparison between English and Chinese / 英语和汉语的正确对比

    It is quite common to find people judging the Chinese language as extremely complex from comparing the 26 letters in English (or the dozens of letters in other languages) with thousands of characters in Chinese, which is not true. 经常能看到有人在说明汉语的复杂度时拿英语中的 26 个字母(或其他语言中的几十个字母)跟汉语中的数千个汉字作对比,但这种比较是不恰当的。

  • Introduction to the simplification of Chinese characters / 汉字简化简介

    Some may mistake that Simplified Chinese is the disruption of the language, since it “forced the change of the long-term stable shapes” and “are leading to the extinction of the essence of the language”. Hence, the true visage of the simplification needs to be presented. 有人误认为简体字是对汉语的破坏,因为它“强行改变了长久使用的字形”、“将汉语的精髓导向消亡之路”。因此,有必要对汉字简化的本来面貌作出阐释。