Tag: 键盘布局 / keyboard layout

  • 2024 年 3 月随笔 / Jottings in Mar 2024

    本篇随笔涉及:科研(昆虫趋光性的新解释),IT 行业(Evernote 的变化),计算机技术(Dvorak 键盘布局(续)),文学(对《三体》系列的评价)。 The jottings refer to scientific research (new explanation to phototaxis of flying insects), IT industry (change of using Evernote), computer technology (Dvorak keyboard layout (cont.)), literature (Reviews on LIU Ci-xin’s “Remembrance of Earth’s Past”).

  • 2023 年 7 月–9 月随笔 / Jottings in July–September 2023

    本篇随笔涉及:科学与技术(中国载人登月初步方案),IT 行业(人工智能最适合的一类领域、大型语言模型、技术投资怪状),计算机技术(Dvorak 键盘布局),自然(极端天气),人文与社会(「妥协创造价值」)。 The jottings refer to science & technology (general plan of China crewed moon landing), IT industry (a territory highly suitable for AI, large language model, weird inclination in technology investment), computer technology (Dvorak keyboard layout), nature (extreme weather), culture & society (“compromise creates values”).