Tag: UI 设计 / UI design

  • 2023 年 10–12 月随笔 / Jottings in Oct–Dec 2023

    本篇随笔涉及 IT 行业(电视的交互、桌面软件的交互、寄生软件),人文与社会(帕累托前沿、想象与现实的差距)。 The jottings refer to IT industry (interaction with a TV, user interaction of desktop softwares, parasitic softwares), culture & society (Pareto front, when fantasy meets reality).

  • 2022 年 3 月–10 月随笔 / Jottings in March–October 2022

    本篇随笔涉及:科技(首张银心黑洞照片、詹姆斯·韦伯空间望远镜),IT 行业(UI 设计趋势、Windows 新版本),技术应用(虚幻的技术中立、网络空间安全),形势与政策(展示帐号 IP 属地、居民消费价格指数的统计),人文与社会(思想钢印、目的与手段、占有劳动力的新形式)。 The jottings refer to science & technology (first image of Galactic Center black hole, James Webb Space Telescope), IT industry (UI design trending, new version of Windows), technology application (illusionary technology neutrality, cyberspace security), situation & policy (showing user IP’s dependent territory, calculation of Consumer Price Index), culture &…