Author: 王一鸣

  • 2024 年 3 月随笔 / Jottings in Mar 2024

    本篇随笔涉及:科研(昆虫趋光性的新解释),IT 行业(Evernote 的变化),计算机技术(Dvorak 键盘布局(续)),文学(对《三体》系列的评价)。 The jottings refer to scientific research (new explanation to phototaxis of flying insects), IT industry (change of using Evernote), computer technology (Dvorak keyboard layout (cont.)), literature (Reviews on LIU Ci-xin’s “Remembrance of Earth’s Past”).

  • 2023 年 10–12 月随笔 / Jottings in Oct–Dec 2023

    本篇随笔涉及 IT 行业(电视的交互、桌面软件的交互、寄生软件),人文与社会(帕累托前沿、想象与现实的差距)。 The jottings refer to IT industry (interaction with a TV, user interaction of desktop softwares, parasitic softwares), culture & society (Pareto front, when fantasy meets reality).

  • 2023 年 7 月–9 月随笔 / Jottings in July–September 2023

    本篇随笔涉及:科学与技术(中国载人登月初步方案),IT 行业(人工智能最适合的一类领域、大型语言模型、技术投资怪状),计算机技术(Dvorak 键盘布局),自然(极端天气),人文与社会(「妥协创造价值」)。 The jottings refer to science & technology (general plan of China crewed moon landing), IT industry (a territory highly suitable for AI, large language model, weird inclination in technology investment), computer technology (Dvorak keyboard layout), nature (extreme weather), culture & society (“compromise creates values”).

  • C++ 多线程改造参考 / Reconstructing C++ functions to multi-threaded

    本文为 2023-07-25 所做讲座的文稿,针对将 C++ 代码进行多线程改造的需求给出基础概念、相关技术和注意事项等,供参考。(注:文稿内容仅含概要,不做详细解释;文稿内容经过脱敏处理。) This post is the presented script of the lecture given on 2023-07-25, aiming at guiding the reconstruction of C++ functions to multi-threaded ones, containing the basic concepts, related techniques, and practical notes. (Note: The script only contains essentials, most of which are not explained in detail; the script has been…

  • C++ 代码格式化方案配置 / Configuring C++ code format

    为了在多人协同下保持 C++ 代码格式(特别是缩进)的统一,避免代码库提交历史中频繁出现无谓的格式变化而使有意义的修改难以追溯,在此给出在 IDE/代码编辑器中保持代码格式一致性的一种配置方案。 In order to maintain the consistency of C++ code format (esp. the indentation) during collaboration, and prevent the frequent meaningless format changes in a repository’s commit history, which may hinder the tracing (blaming) of the actual code changes, this post gives possible configuration for keeping the code format consistency among several…

  • Windows 磁盘清理操作清单 / Windows disk clean-up checklist

    本文列出在 Windows 下为释放系统盘空间可检查的事项(含部分软件开发工具的可清理内容),各项说明以 Windows 10 中的操作为准。 This post lists various checkable items for releasing system disk space in Windows, including cleanable contents of sevreal

  • PSD-BPA 数据格式说明 / Explaining PSD-BPA data format

    PSD-BPA 软件仅在其《潮流手册》的「输出格式说明」段简要解释了浮点数的样式(且不完整),这里对其使用的文本数据文件中的数据格式给出补充说明。 PSD-BPA only has the float data format demonstrated (briefly) in its power flow manual, this post gives the necessary supplements to the data format used in its text data files.

  • Visual Studio 2015 启动后无响应的原因和对策 / Cause and solution of Visual Studio 2015 not responding after starting up

    针对 Visual Studio 2015 启动后长时间无响应的问题,给出原因并提出对策。 This post aims at giving the causation and providing the solution of Visual Studio 2015 not responding after starting up.

  • C++ 迭代器运算附注 / A note on C++ iterator calculation

    针对 C++ 迭代器的运算需注意迭代器特征(iterator_trait),不同特征的迭代器所适用的运算或所做运算的预期不尽相同。 It is critical to notice iterator_trait before adopting iterator calculation in C++, since iterators with different traits have different range of operations and expected effects.

  • 2023 年 5 月–6 月随笔 / Jottings in May–June 2023

    本篇随笔涉及:科学与技术(自制扫描隧道显微镜),计算机技术(关于「整洁代码」的争、编程语言的选择、标签系统、年度开发者调查、Linux 中的聊天程序),人文与社会(盖尔曼失忆效应、古德哈特定律、「数字生命」非生命、人工智能的社会影响)。 The jottings refer to science & technology (home-made scanning tunnelling microscope), computer technology (debates on “clean code”, choice of programming languages, tag systems, annual developer survey, chat program in linux), culture & society (Gell-Mann amnesia effect, Goodhart’s law, “digital life” is not life, social impact of AI).